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Title: A letter for happiness
Rating: R
Length: 4275 words
Pairing: Tarja/Tuomas
Tuomas gives Tarja a letter for christmas.
Authhors notes:
I do hope it's still alright to post fics in this community.

A letter for happiness


Tuomas sat still by the window and watched the snow softly falling to cover the ground with even more of the white substance. The sound of silence whispered though, slowly trickling in his fragile mind. This day had arrived, and all he could do was sit and watch as time crept by him. In his mind, he knew he should be happy, but he wasn’t. Childhood had left him stripped of beliefs and the grace he’d once felt. This time of year just left him with a hollow feeling, as the meaning of it all had long since stopped existing for him. Tuomas turned, leaning against the window; a cold gulp of air rose and embraced his skin. Mist covered the inside of the window, and he drew a heart before wiping it away again. There was a cold ice cube in his heart; he supposed Santa had left it there for him to choke on. His days had been spent being a bad boy, and he was getting back now in gifts. Not that they really mattered, it was surely her smile that left him choking on his own tears.


Anxiously he waited, for her to come to him. He knew she would, she always did. This day, Christmas day was special, and any moment Tarja could walk through his door, roses in her cheeks and melting snow crystals in her raven black hair. He smiled and could imagine how she walked through the snow, with a happy smile around her face. A bag of presents would dangle from here hand, and she’d protect it as she slipped on the icy streets. He smiled, sadly, realizing that if she never came he’d stay by the window and look for her forever.


Tuomas turned, so he could overview the garden when she came, a letter rested in his shaking. He gulped, the feeling of failure was like an open wound in his heart, and it was now or never. His 18 year old body quivered in fear of the answer to his silent questioning letter. A quick glance down at the watch on his hand, he shook it, wondering if it just simply had stopped working. The wall clock showed, disappointingly enough the same time as well, it made him think maybe time had stopped. The time still showed 12:42, and Tuomas stared at the watch until his eyes watered, looked away again and then at his clock. Now the time changed to 12:43 right before his eyes.


Sighing he got up from his seat in the cold and large window frame. The broad and flat frame, more like a seat there by the window, was covered with pillows and let him sit almost outside, being inside. Tuomas sat down again leaning his forehead against the chilly glass, defrosting the ice outside on it with his fingers spread across the frail glass. He watched the ice winter wonderland out in the front garden unveiling its secrets. Still he awaited Tarja’s arrival.


Tuomas, his eyes wandered around in the room he already knew completely by heart. He was all alone in the house, and allowed himself to lean back and think for a minute. She said she’d come, maybe she won’t come at all. I’m so sure she said she’d be here around now...


Tarja always came to visit him on Christmas day, while his parents always went to church and some friend while she came. They exchanged gifts and blessings, but it had always been more than that. It was a holy tradition they’d never dare to break. They where best friends, always had been ever since the first time they’d meet so long ago. This year felt different to him, his view upon her had always changed. He hadn’t noticed at first, the silent changes hadn’t disturbed him much. But then he’d started thinking of her, all the time. The thoughts of Tarja interrupted in his life, and he’d realized he’d done the one thing he once promised himself he’d never do. He had fallen in love with Tarja, his best friend.


Tarja hurried through the snow, the slippery ice slowing her down. He feet constantly slipped in the loose new snow. She was on her way to Tuomas’s house for their yearly tradition of exchanging gifts, and opening them together, still held up even after over 11 years of being his best friend. She slides the last bit, and practically running up the last bit up too his house. Heaving for her breath, she knocked once on the door before entering the unlocked house.


Tuomas listened, he heard her silent knock, and her tramping in the hallway. As he waited a bright smile appeared in his eyes and his face lit up. Just like he’d predicted, she came into his house, she had a plastic bag with gifts wrapped around her wrist. Her hair flew in an untidy waste around her head with snow in it and pink roses in her cheeks. They both smiled, looking into each others eyes. As if they hadn’t met in ages. In fact there was just a day since last they’d seen each other.


Without a word, he left his letter by the window, and hugged her tightly. She hugged him back, letting them linger like that in the fast embrace.


“Hi!” Tuomas said shyly being the first of them to speak up. “Hello. How have you been?” Tarja answered, giggling, and showing her beautiful smile. “I’m good. I’ve been waiting for you.” He said. “Really? You’re such a cutie. I’m here now.”


He looked down at his shoes, shyly embarrassed studying the floor. She looked at him puzzled, but didn’t ask anything. “I’ve got your presents. I bet you’ll tear the paper in a fury to get to the gift. So lets get started.” She said, breaking up the light ice he’d built up in their conversation.


“You know me too well Tarja.. I love presents” They laughed. “I know. Want to open our presents together?” He lifted up, and watched how she got a small box out of her bag, and carefully handed it too him.  “You’ll have to wait to open yours until afterwards. It’s quite unique and not like anything I’ve ever given you.” Tuomas said, hoping she’d not make him give it too her right away.


“Yours is special as well. Do as you want, it’s your gift to me. But now you got me really curious about it” She playfully slapped him loosely. “You meanie.”  He just smiled, starting to un wrap the paper on the gift she’d given him. Tarja enjoyed watching how he tore the paper off the gift really fast and the look of bliss on his face as he opened the present. She’d spent hours thinking, wondering about it and then at the end getting it, if he wouldn’t like it he’d never like any presents she could give him.


He opened the little box inside the wrapping, and for over a minute he was literally stunned and couldn’t speak at all. Tuomas only stared at the thing lying in there between curled wrapping papers. “No way Tarja, you did not just give me that!?” he was still in awe struck, she laughed, her sweet tones clinging in the air. “Yes I did.” She answered, the look in his eyes filled up with happiness and endless gratitude. “H h-hoow did you get the money for this? It’s just too much.” He looked at her again, waiting for her answer. He wasn’t sure how she’d work up the money for this without doing something highly illegal. “I saved it up, silly. My work gave me lots of money, and I saved up pretty much all I earned the last years. At the end my mom gave in some money as well. I guess it’s a little from her as well.” She smiled, and then remembered she’d forgotten to tell him some more. “Oh. And you decide which date you want to go, and who you’d like to bring with you.” Tarja continued, slightly aware of his eyes watching her as if she was some sort of holiness. She smirked, and the silent prayers of gratitude in his eyes were thanks enough. She knew his thankfulness was as real it would get.  Tuomas jumped up, and crush hugged her really tight, almost breaking her. “Oh my god Tarja. Thank you forever. I can’t ever thank you enough for this perfect gift.” “I know. I can see it in you know.” “And of course I’ll bring you with me. There’s no one else in the whole world I’d like to take with me more than you.” She smiled, as if she hadn’t known that right from the start. On the table lay the two tickets, with airplane tickets included, too visit the Disney studios.  


The other gift she’d given him was a Disney VHS he didn’t already have. He was positively jumping with joy, and felt like the whole world would just grant all his wishes at that moment. Then he remembered his gift to her, and his cheeks blushed in embarrassment, there could be nothing as childish as his ridiculous gift to her. Tuomas was glad he at least had gotten her a more real present at the side.


“Now my present is so much less than what you gave me. I wish I’d had given you something else, that resembled the same to you as yours does to me.” He said, hesitating with giving Tarja his neatly written letter gift. “You silly, you know I never think like that. it’s the thought and what you put into it of yourself that really matters.” Tarja replied, without thinking twice about it. He felt a bit relieved hearing her say this, still hesitating he handed the present over to Tarja. His eyes shied away, as she looked interested at it.


“Thank you Tuomas.” Tarja stated, not rushing to open the small envelope. Her fingers caressed the black letter, and slowly they opened it, pulling out a letter written on a frail paper. After pulling it out, she noticed that something else was left in the envelope. Curious she pulled it out, and examined it before she would start to read the letter. The small papers she pulled out where gift vouchers for the cinema for two persons. They where a lot less expensive than those she’d given him, but the equal amount of thought lay behind it. She knew instantly who she’d take there with her, and she knew by his clever smile that he also knew that one. She opened the letter, and started reading what had been written there, her face was a blank mask, making him nervous while he waited for her to finish reading it.


Dear Tarja!

Happy Christmas my dear friend!


I guess reading this you wonder why I’m not giving you anything usual this year. I have my reasons; you’ll see them in the end Tarja. You where always able to see right through me, if I’m not careful you’ll do so again.


This year there is no shiny gift wrapped present I’m giving you, it’s just my words. Somehow I hope they are enough, I desperately pray that they are. I beg that you’ll understand this, I cannot tell you how much of my heart I put into this letter.


Your gift is simply enough 10 minutes. 10 minutes where nothing matter at all. Where we can let go of everything that is holding us back. They are minutes we can both choose to forget, if that’s what you want.


10 minutes is  a long time, or it can be if we choose to let them be forever. There’s so much time. Enough to say the things we’ve never said, and never dared to do. 10 minutes can be the best, the longest and the worst of your life. I hope you’ll find the truth I lay into these words Tarja.


Understand this Tarja, in these precious minutes I give you my heart. The opportunity of forever, and a promise is this letter. I hope if you reject it, you’ll let me forget.


With love forever



When she finished reading, all she did was stare at him, in a state of calm shock. Tarja lifted her head from the paper, slowly gazing into his eyes, to uncover the secrets lying there. He let her take the layer apart, and stare into the secret he’d kept hidden for too long already. She held back a gasp, when she finally saw what he’d kept from her for such a long time. It was so clear, shining from his eyes, and the words he’d put in his letter. She decided to not waste her 10 minutes with talking, but still she worried about what she wanted and how far she was willing to push him.


Tarja’s mind shut down when she realized to the full extent what this meant for her. Here eyes wandered over the body of the man standing in front of her. Tarja stopped herself, as her hands seemed to be drawn to the shape in front of her. She wanted so badly to touch him, and then it suddenly hit her that she could. Her hands shook badly, before his soothing voice sounded to her. “Don’t be afraid.” Tuomas said. His fingers wrapped around her wrists as he closed the distance between them with a quick step. Tuomas led her hands to his chest, spreading her fingers and moving them over this body. Fingers moved alone, and her head spun with the dizzy joy of having what she wanted, and being able to make it too the fullest.


Tarja made a low moaning sound, his hands moving from her hands to her neck and ears, gently and firmly massaging them. She relished he feeling, standing so close to him, and the feeling of their skin meeting. “I love you Tarja.” She blushed heavily, her cheeks suddenly flaming in bright red. As an answer she leaned a tiny bit forward, and let her silky hands slip over his black Stratovarious t-shirt. Beneath it she could feel his tensing muscles, his obvious power made her even more impressed. Then, she hesitated for a second before turning her face to him, and silently asked him while her hands slip under his shirt. He nodded, and quickly shed his tee to the floor.


Finally she decided she wouldn’t want her frantic thinking and analyzing ruin this, and let herself go, and the logic part of her brain was shut out. His skilled fingers caressed her cheek, while he gently without forcing her, urged her backwards until she hit the wall behind her. Tuomas then smiled, but it was no of wickedness. Only love shone in his smile, making her feel safe and loved. Her gaze suddenly filled with an intense uncontrollable lust. Her voice grew shaky and tainted with desire in her sigh. She was smiling, his cheeks flushed with heat now. Still able to hold on to the little courage he had found inside himself, Tuomas licked his lips and leaned down, kissing her velvet red lips for the first time.


Instantly she responded to the kiss, drawing him deeper in. Their lust where fueled, their kiss deepening every second. His hot lips, her pink tongue, slipping in and out, the kisses were making them both wild with desire.  Heavy labored breaths, Tarja found it hard to stand up as he legs kept buckling under her from the pleasure. Tuomas held her standing, his hands resting on her back, and pulled her closer to him. She let him remove her t-shirt, seconds later she relished in the warm feel their skin made pressed together. They crashed together, the sexual tension was there between them, and she felt how she submitted herself to the craft of their feelings. Releasing a hot breath she jerked free off his embrace and dragged him over to the couch.  Sitting down on it, her eyes glazed with lust again, Tuomas was dragged down, and ended up sitting across her lap. A belt went flying, and her hair already looked tussled, her eyes begged him to take her. Without a word, realizing she hadn’t spoken since before she’d read the letter, she pushed her pants and panties off. He was standing dazed over her, before finally realizing this was no dream. “You sure you want this? You can still turn around.” He whispered, afraid of speaking high, while he spoke, he rid himself of all the rest of his clothing. “I’ve never been surer of anything.” Tarja replied, looking into his eyes with devotion in a think mixture with her lust.



He smiled, both so eager and lustful, but both where still virgins. None wanted to waste more time on talking. The time for talking had passed their breaths now shallow and heavy.  Tarja looked at Tuomas with a look that burned of the fuel she as a young girl held, a look that forcibly screamed “undress me.” Almost giggling, he could nothing but imply to her want. They were both beyond reason and logical thoughts long ago. They had been left off a few light years ago, when they both agreed to the passionate silence of their bodies.


Tarja sharply turned her head again, this time his face was the one screaming. And that part of him was not the only one wanting to be rid off clothes. His crotch bulged, she noticed suddenly as his hard member stiffened and pressed into her lap when she sat there under him. Swiftly she was ribbed of all her clothes, except for her bra, panties and socks. Tarja blushed and looked at him, before their actions sped up again. Tuomas got rid of all the clothes keeping him from her, and stood there before her naked before she knew. At first all she did was to keep staring, for seconds on end, before she regained her senses. Off her underwear and even socks went. The watched each other, naked and stripped for a second. Their innocence was clear, and soon that too would be gone.


They where soon both gone.  Away inside them with love, and every move lost them more into somewhere in delirium. He penetrated her, being the first one inside her he dived into the pleasurable world. She squirmed there under him, writhing in delicate pleasure, and the thin pain of her virginity ripping.  Groans of pleasure echoed over the room, as he carefully moved inside her. They smiled, becoming one and again they saw through each other like transparent paper. The clumsy act continued, their bodies meeting in unsure thrusts. Still so young, both not knowing how to please the other, but trying anyway. They here fueled by lust, and driven by the passions they both shared now. Together they reached the highest top, and together they would be invincible.


Tarja whispered hoarsely in his ear, the slight anticipation made her voice shake. Tuomas pulled out of her, and then flipped her down on the couch, exercising exquisite control over his own body.  He loved how she smiled, lying there on her back, her body all naked for him. Her light pink nipples erect in the warm room, her legs spread wide and here heart was there open for him to touch for this short while. Grinning, he entered her slowly, both falling fast into the feeling of physical love that sparked and flamed between them. At last, none of them thought they could no longer with held the sweet torture. Pleasure took over and they both came in white burning orgasms screaming each others names. Exhausted, he collapsed on top of her, whispering her name.


“Oh damn… Hurry Tarja, my parents will be home any second.” Tuomas suddenly said, as she lay with her head resting on his slowly heaving chest. “Can’t we stay here like this forever?” Tarja moaned out, softly caressing his bare skin. “Do you really want them to find us like this?” She groaned, thought for a moment and then blushed in shame. “Not really. But I want to be with you again.” She purred, the separating of their skin made her ache in need and want. He looked at her seriously for a moment, realizing what she’d said. “Tarja, honestly what do you feel for me? I need to know. I don’t know if I can really ever forget this, like I said I could.” Tuomas watched her nervously flinch and avoid his eyes, before she gathered herself together and looked him straight in the eyes.


“I never thought I’d say this, but I realized something not long ago. I should have known all along, but I never dared to admit it. I’m in love with you Tuomas. I never faced up too my feeling before this, but your letter made my heart almost leap out of my chest. I love you Tuomas Holopainen.” Tarja confessed it looking deep into his eyes the whole time. At the end of her confession, he leaped her kissing her breathless with joy. “This means I never have to forget about it!” He exclaimed, coming up for air through their kissing. “This means I’m your girlfriend silly.” Tarja smiled, lost in the paradise of his eyes. “I’m the luckiest man alive.” “And I’m the luckiest woman.”


They rested in each others arms, everything else forgotten for the time being. The next moment, their blood froze as they could both hear a car turning up the driveway. “OH damn. They’re here already.” Panicking they gathered all their clothes in a rushed hurry. Tarja blushed, hoping Tuomas’s parents wouldn’t come in before they had fled the living room. She picked up her panties, but could no where find her bra. Thinking no more of it, she ran after Tuomas up the stairs to his room. Deciding to hide in there forever, as she had no idea if she could face the embarrassment if his parents guessed what had happened while they where gone. Arriving at his room, she let herself slide down to the bed, and take a deep breath.


“That was too close,” she panted. “It’s not over yet, they’ll be coming up here soon, please get your clothes on.” She smiled at him, all flushed and red. “You do realize your girlfriend is all naked and wanting more, while you just want us too get clothes on really quickly.” He raised his eyebrow for a second, letting his eyes wander over her perfect body. “Come on Tarja… This is serious.” “I’d love to cum again.” She trailed her hands over her body, outlining the shape of herself and fondling her breasts. Her pink tongue tipped out of her mouth, and licked her lips hungrily. Perplexed Tuomas just stood there with big eyes, watching her amazed. Shaking his head at her playfulness, he kissed her and leaned over her. “My door doesn’t have a lock sweetie.” “Oh.. Let’s get dressed.” Blushing she got on her clothes, forgetting to tell Tuomas that she’d misplaced her bra somewhere.


“Tuomas, where are you?” From downstairs, his parents yelled at him, just like he knew they would. “I’m up here with Tarja. I’ll be down in a sec.”  He sighed, turning to Tarja. Her heart beat faster just by watching him.  “Let’s go face them, shall we?” she nervously looked at him, but did obviously not agree with him. “Please, let’s just wait a little. Do you think they’ll disagree of us being together?” she said, fidgeting with a piece of her jumper. “Oh Tarja, how could they… They practically love you. Don’t be scared.” “Okay. Let’s do this.” She took his had, holding it tight. Together they walked downstairs, telling his parents about their presents, and that they where now together. Leaving out the part where they had sex, but telling a bit of what the card he’d given her said. As Tuomas expected, they welcomed her with open arms and hearts, greeting her as a new family member. After a few hugs, they both retreated back up too Tuomas’s room.


“That wasn’t so bad, was it now?” “Not really. But... There’s something I forgot to tell you.” Tarja said, now seriously wondering if she should tell him or not. “I think I misplaced, or lost my bra down in the living room...” “Oh. You’re not serious now, are you Tarja? Please tell me you’re not.” He looked at her, like a deer caught in the lights of a car. She shook her head, knowing exactly what he was thinking; they had to find it before his parents did. Stepping towards the door, they found them to be quite too late for that. Knocking on the door, Kirsti, Tuomas’s mom had come up too see them again. “Tuomas, I just came to say that Tarja is welcome to join us for the family dinner later today. And I was wondering if she missed this bra.” Blushing Tuomas stuck his head out the door, meeting his mothers knowingly glance. Without a word he took the bra she held out to him and retreated to his room. For a second he and Tarja looked at each other with terror in their eyes, but simultaneously they started laughing like crazy, rolling around on the floor in hysterics.  Life would never be the same for the two of them again, but somehow neither was worried. Being in love was the nicest gift they could ever have gotten.



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*loool* I really liked it. It was a mix of feelings, and the ending is very well done; not predicatble at all and very funny and cute. :)
XD thanks.. ^__^ Yaay! I'm really glad that you like!!
I really like this story. Is this a one shot because I think you should write more.
Thank you. ;)
It's a one shot.. I'm having a writers block at the moment, but I'll write more on it if I can.
Oh, I really liked it, too. Beautiful ... and humorous story as well ... :)
this was so enjoyable. anyone could picture this :)